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Business Mentoring

The path to success

Who needs mentoring and what are the benefits of a business mentor?

Whether you are setting up your own business or run a business employing professionals, mentoring is a powerful tool that helps encourage improved performance. As a company or individual, mentoring offers an opportunity to develop specific skills and knowledge that will help to maximize business and encourage potential personal development.

Our focus is very much on a natural style of mentoring, built on trust, mutual respect and empathy. Having been mentored, as well as mentoring through work, and with the Prince’s Trust over many years we understand that mentorship involves more than just giving career advice. Mentoring to us is about listening, two way dialogue and championing the business or individual to actively help them grow and succeed.

How we can help:

• Understand the needs or issues facing the business or individual
• Listen, discuss and advise
• Set achievable SMART goals
• Offer reliable, trusted and experienced support
• Apply a non-judgemental, patient, positive, encouraging and supportive attitude
• Flexible working
• Long or short term support
• Help leaders to understand, evaluate and apply trends critical to business growth
• Improve performance
• Enhance business culture
• Discover and encourage talent and new ideas
• Happier workforce
• Build confidence

We will support, encourage and guide you to find the right direction.


  • Tracy is a burst of light and love and would certainly make an impactful and positive addition to any establishment. She is dependable, detail-oriented and extremely personable; allowing those around her to feel at ease and themselves in her presence. Further, to this Tracy has a wealth of knowledge and experience across multiple sectors, she is passionate in all she does and strives in putting back through mentoring and education. She is a connector and by far one of the most influential, loyal people I have ever had the pleasure of working alongside.


    Rebecca Taylor – Director of Commercial Operations Keyhole Visuals Ltd

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