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Lawspeed Limited

Compliance & legal consultants to the recruitment industry

So many great collaborations start by having a chat with a friend. Discussions naturally roam into work territory and before you know it you’re sharing ideas, experiences and realising how you can help each other. That is very true of this project.

Launched in 1997, Lawspeed is the brainchild of Adrian Marlowe, who saw a serious gap in the recruitment industry for an intelligent, quick and above all fast legal service specialising in the compliance and legal aspect of Recruitment and Employment law. Successful but aware of the growing competition, they were ready to step up a gear to drive the business forward.  So, bringing a fresh pair of eyes to a very detailed and legalistic industry, we focused on strengthening their brand identity, increasing brand awareness and reaching a larger audience.  To do this it was important to re-establish all the unique elements of the business, define key messages and reposition their services. We then recommended and managed a brand refresh, redesign of the website and all marketing collateral. After all, clear, concise and engaging communication is paramount for a sustainable successful business in an ever changing climate.


What was involved

  • Complete brand communications review
  • Brand refresh
  • Web redesign
  • Review & establish business values, vision & mission statement
  • Marketing & PR input
  • Project management
  • Copywriting & editing
  • New service launch branding, website, copy & content advice
  • Supplier liaison
  • Creative direction – photoshoots, literature & web
  • Tracy has been working with us on branding and communications across a number of projects.  I find her style of working effective, dedicated and personable.  Full of great ideas, she is easy to work with, a team player, and has a good backing team.

    Adrian Marlowe – Founder Lawspeed Limited

our work