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Getting noticed and people talking

Brand communications is how you look, sound and behave. It’s the personality of the business supporting the service or product you offer. It’s what defines your business and what the customers identify with. It’s what sets you apart from the crowd and makes you the ‘go to’ company.

At Wentworth Consultancy we have first-hand experience and a deep understanding of how important strong, consistent and clear branding and brand communications are to a business – how they affect your customer perception, engagement and long- term loyalty. Making your brand memorable and recommendable way after a customer has used and enjoyed your service or product is fundamentally important to the longevity and value of your business.

Time for a refresh or just starting out?  We can help. By conducting a complete review and acquainting ourselves with your vision, philosophy and objectives, we will develop a brand identity and communications plan, that will engage your customers, improve brand recognition and drive business.

We work with experts who are the best… to deliver the best

How we can help

  • Brand creation or refresh
  • Marketing & communications review, planning & implementation
  • Design – advice, briefing & management
  • Web Development – advice, briefing & management
  • Photography & video – advice, briefing & management
  • Copy editing
  • Reporting
  • Brand guidelines
  • Internal communications
  • Culture advice & development

If you would like to strengthen your brand and improve business do contact us for a chat

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