Project Management

Setting aims, hitting targets

Big or small, short or long-term, a specific initiative, new venture or campaign, we blend skills and experience with a flexible, collaborative and friendly style of working to deliver what you need efficiently, cost effectively – and successfully.

As communication and creativity are at the heart of everything we do, we believe that central to the success of any job is great teamwork. That is why our starting point on every project is to work closely with the stakeholders and their teams defining and assessing the requirements, objectives and expectations. Challenges vary from project to project so this helps us form a solid platform to plan, draw-up procedures, control resources and manage implementation to offer the very best result each time.

What are the benefits of calling on us to project manage?

  • Achieving your desired result more cogently
  • Efficient & best value use of resources
  • New and innovative ideas & solutions
  • Improved performance
  • Satisfaction of project stakeholders’¬†differing needs
  • Reduced negative effect on workforce productivity

Our aim, whatever the task, is deliver it on time, in budget and to the brief.

We can help you by:

  • Defining why a project is necessary
  • Capturing project requirements, specifying quality of deliverables, estimating resources & time scales
  • Preparing a business case to justify investment
  • Developing & implementing a management plan
  • Leading & motivating project delivery team
  • Acting as a resource for creative solutions
  • Liaising with suppliers
  • Managing risks, issues & changes on the project
  • Monitoring progress against plan
  • Controlling project budget
  • Maintaining communications with stakeholders & project organisation
  • Offering Provider management
  • Closing the project

If you have a project or an activity that we could help you with do contact us for a chat.

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