Business Growth & Expansion

Positive Approach, Positive Thinking = Positive Outcomes

Stopping to take stock of where your business is headed and reviewing where improvements can be made is a big deal. It takes time, energy and focus – three factors that many business owners have limited reserve. But this exercise is crucial to stay ahead of the game, maximise potential, ensure growth, increase efficiencies and continue the momentum you had when you started out.

You may be looking to scale up, need to pivot, have a new idea or direction you want to explore or feel the business has reached a plateau. All business evolve over time but to ensure the direction it takes is the most effective and profitable
you need to be in control.

The entrepreneurial journey can feel like a lonely furrow to plough so I have put together  Business Growth & Expansion so I can help you discover, manage and implement the changes required to make improvements or activate new ideas and achieve your goals.

Join up & you will ….

Gain improved efficiencies

See increased sales and profits

Reach new markets/customers

Be Innovating

Understand your Risk Management

Build long-term value and financial viability

Achieve sustainable growth

Grow your market share


Kick Off Questionnaire

Starting with a few simple questions, we explore; what’s been working, the challenges you have faced

3 Discovery Sessions

Session 1 – SWAT & Clarify Out Come

Session 2 – Business Plan Review

Session 3 – Brand & Marketing Review & Brainstorm

Discovery: Sense Check Report

3 Explore Sessions

Session 1 – Opportunities & Innovation

Session 2 – Brand Identity & Personality

Session 3 – Communications & Marketing

Explore Sense Check Report

3 Planning Sessions

Session 1 – Business Strategy

Session 2 – Brand Strategy

Session 3 – Marketing & Sales Strategy

Strategy Sense Check Report

Total Price £4,000

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