Launching Your Own Business

Positive Approach, Positive Thinking = Positive Outcomes

Taking the leap to step out on your own and follow your idea is a big decision and a risk. Therefore, being armed with the right information is critical to give you the confidence and ensure you get off to the right start.

I’ve created Launching Your Own Business to support and guide you on your entrepreneurial journey. To help you understand the process, what’s required, make smart decisions and achieve your goals.

This is an experts Step by Step guide delivered on 1-2-1 basis tailored to your individual requirements that fits in with your schedule that is manageable.

Join up & you will ….

You will own a well thought out, detailed plan to launch and take your business forward

You’ll understand the larger picture

It will give you strategic focus

Enable you to set priorities

You’ll have a marketing roadmap

You’ll have the knowledge and tools to be in control of your business

You’ll know how to be proactive not reactive

Provide you with the financial back-up when you require funding or investment

Remember future planning means future proofing your business.


Kick Off Questionnaire

Starting with a few simple questions, we explore; what’s been working, the challenges you have faced

Discovery Sessions

Session 1 – Review questionnaire

Session 2 – Business Plan

Discovery Sense Check Report

Focus Sessions

Session 1 – Products & Services

Session 2 – Brand Identity & Personality

Session 3 – Communication & Marketing

Session 4 – Finance & Legals

Session 5 – Supply & Operations

Focuses Summary Report

Planning Sessions

Session 1 – Business Strategy

Session 2 – Marketing & Sales Strategy

Session 3 – Business Strategy

Strategy Sense Check Report

Total Price £3,800

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