Becky Daley - Digital Eaze

I met Tracy in 2002 when we were working at Liz Earle Cosmetics Ltd. It was still a very small company but with big plans and though we worked in different areas of the business we were lucky to work very closely alongside the two founders. The experience was a one off and the entrepreneurialism and inspiration of those two incredible women had a lasting effect and gave us an immense insight and understanding of building a successful business.

Reconnecting a few years ago with Tracy it quickly became obvious to collaborate and combine our expertise. We have the same work ethic, philosophy and standards but different skill sets which is key when joining forces and for our clients. We also both understand the challenges of running a business, the different stages of growth and the steps that need to be taken to be successful.

Digital Eaze are content creatives and strategists,  partnering with businesses across the globe to empower growth through digital communications.

Digital Eaze Becky and Lauren