Thanks Tracy

Tracy is great at cutting through the noise and focusing on your USPs. She was a tremendous help in refining our brand image and messaging, which helped us both gain wholesale clients and engage better with our direct customers through our social media channels. Tracy also has a great eye for design and gave excellent feedback on our packaging revamp! I highly recommend working with Tracy to help define clear goals for your business, and create a practical action plan on how to achieve them.

Raquela Cheesmond

Having Tracy as my mentor (through The Prince’s Trust) has helped to turn my business around. I started The Early Hour – an online culture and lifestyle magazine – in September and by January Tracy was onboard, giving me incredibly helpful branding advice. There’s amazing energy between us when we meet up to talk and brainstorm, and I feel emotionally supported. Having someone wiser and more experienced listen, advise and guide is invaluable. The Early Hour is now read by thousands of people each day and has been featured in The Guardian and The Times… Without Tracy’s help, I wouldn’t be where I am today.

Annie Ridout

Tracy and I had worked together before but when our paths crossed again several years later, it was a lifesaving moment! Taking on a business for the first time, facing challenges that I had not faced before and not having any real focus of where it was heading, was to say the least daunting! But with Tracy’s enthusiasm, positivity and expertise she helped re-focus the business vision and values, armed me with a new strategy and mentored me along the way. Tracy’s dedication and passion has not only helped grow the strength of my business but also me personally.

Becky Daley

I’ve known Tracy since 2002 and over the years we’ve worked together on a number of great projects. Tracy always gives her work 110% and is passionate about getting brands working right. She has a natural flair for brand building, is passionate about authenticity – from big picture to tiny detail – and her enthusiasm is positively infectious! I’ve always enjoyed working with Tracy and am sure you will too.

Liz Earle MBE

Walking into the halls of the Prince’s Trust I had no idea what to expect. I had just come from the enterprise launch and had been assigned a mentor. This was a new step in my life and thoughts of what was going to happen when I met Tracy and would we work well together were going through mind? I shouldn’t have worried, upon meeting Tracy her amazing and bubbly personality just drew me in and within minutes of discussing my brainchild ‘Willique’ (a name Tracy suggested) we instantly clicked. During the months of working with Tracy she has helped me to grow confident about my brand, how to think like a leader and simply how to run a business. Every word and meeting has had an impact on my life and I am so grateful to have her as a mentor. The turning point that really touched my heart was at my first launch event when she made time from her busy schedule to show support. Tracy is the person that you would want to have in your life for a life time! She is more than just an entrepreneur, a mentor and a good friend; she is one of the positive changes that the world needs when working with young people today. Thank you Tracy words cannot express my gratitude.

Anya Willique

Tracy’s enthusiasm and talent for marketing is inspiring. Her ability to get the very best out of both business and people has led to her working successfully with all types of companies – from highly established to entrepreneurial start-ups with the Princes Trust. Working with Tracy is a sheer delight. I’m always very proud to collaborate with her as I know clients love working with her and the value she provides.

Jane Guest

Tracy is wonderful to work with. Her genuine enthusiasm and experience as a successful business mentor has given me the confidence to launch and grow my business. I would highly recommend Tracy to anyone who is just starting out on their business journey or looking to take it to the next level.

Laura Cutter

Tracy is a burst of light and love and would certainly make an impactful and positive addition to any establishment. She is dependable, detail-oriented and extremely personable; allowing those around her to feel at ease and themselves in her presence. Further, to this Tracy has a wealth of knowledge and experience across multiple sectors, she is passionate in all she does and strives in putting back through mentoring and education. She is a connector and by far one of the most influential, loyal people I have ever had the pleasure of working alongside.

Rebecca Crawforth

Navy Pro

Tracy Hastain is a brilliant communicator. She understands what motivates people and I have seen her put that into action in her work with the Prince’s Trust. That’s why Tracy is able to offer advice in all areas of business, not just narrow disciplines like “branding” and “marketing”. When you work with her you gain valuable new insights into your business and how you deal with people. I could not recommend her highly enough.

Jack Rivlin

Tracy can bring a wealth of experience and expertise to your brand and partners this with enthusiasm, positive energy and big ideas that will make a real difference to your brand and take you to the next level.  Tracy is very passionate about everything she does and works with you on a personal, bespoke level to really get underneath the skin of your brand to live, breathe and truly maximise it for you.

Louise Murray

Hannah harbottle

I first worked with Tracy in 1999. What immediately struck me about her was her enthusiasm and ‘can do’ attitude. She is like a breath of fresh air and not afraid to challenge the status quo if she feels improvements can be made – which they invariably are!

Hannah Harbottle

Copy Writer

Tracy is passionate about what she does and is good at it. With her fresh and friendly approach, she combines creativity and experience in helping you develop and manage your brand and marketing to offer tailored solutions that create clear, engaging and successful communications.

Ravi Murphy

We have used Wentworth Consultancy to realign our business, develop a strategy and help structure our marketing campaigns so that they are more cohesive and the effectiveness of the campaigns are measured.  The work that Wentworth Consultancy has done for us has made us so much more focused.

Margaret Donnelly

I met Tracy Hastain through a colleague who highly recommended her. Best decision I ever made was to meet the lady who changed the course of my life and business by believing in me when I didn’t and seeing the potential that no one else could. Forever grateful and hope for many more years of collaboration. Thank you Tracy. Xxx

Evgenia Gibbs

As a photographer I have had the pleasure working alongside Tracy on many productions. With her eye for detail, creative vision and fabulous sense of humour the projects with Tracy are thoroughly enjoyable and the results fantastic.

Charlie Ross

Monitoba Photography

Being mentored by Tracy has really helped me in a number of ways. She took time to understand what direction I needed and what support would work best for me. She helped me identify opportunities and prioritise my work in such a way that means I’m having the most impact, and I’m focused on getting results and not just thinking about things. Being mentored by Tracy has given me the confidence to take action and move forward in my decision making. It wasn’t until working with Tracy that I truly felt like I ran and owned a business.

Chris Wall

I met Tracy a few months after starting up my own business and we felt connected straight away. Her dynamic approach, professionalism and constructive feedback really helped me to be where I am now. She gave personalised tips on how to implement an effective business strategy and how to create positive outcomes from challenging client situations

Timi Eross

Tracy’s been a great mentor and has guided us through how to have a successful business. Working with Tracy has been great fun and a success.

She has been fantastic support with helping us achieve our goals to having a successful company we would definitely recommend having a business mentor.

Donya & Martell Campbell

The Style Siblings & Founders D’Lyle Treasure

The Style Siblings & D'Lyle Treasure

Tracy is incredible to work with–– she helps you to discover your own personal branding by channeling your passions into achievable actions! As an actor, singer and entrepreneur she helped me understand my true essence as an artist – how I represent myself, the roles I play, the messages I highlight, and the impact I desire to create! Can’t wait to continue on my journey with her!

Piera Van de Wiel

I have worked with Tracy on numerous occasions over 10 the last years in my role as photographer. I loved working with her as she was so warm and welcoming, as well as being a consummate professional! She is always smiling and upbeat and seems to effortlessly get the task done whilst keeping everyone else happy at the same time. I look forward to working with her again in the future in her new venture and wish her every success.

Jessica Dobbs

Wentworth Consultancy have the ability to translate often complex requirements from the client and feedback to us with a clear and concise brief. This allows for a smooth transition from concept to completion. Project management, job done!

Neil McCall

I approached 3 organisations to help with the production of my leaflets/work literature and was beginning to feel that I was being unrealistic in my expectations. Then I found Tracy Hastain. She completely ‘got it’. She understood what I was trying to portray, the ethos of my business, together with my target market. She pitched everything just right.
I found her to be personable, professional and punctual. She returned my call or e mails promptly and kept me informed every step of the way, always checking I was happy with the outcome before we proceeded to the next stage.
I am happy to recommend Tracy to prospective clients. In fact, I have already, and they’re pleased too

Patricia Skoludek

Clinical and Remedial Therapist

patricia skoludek

ciaran rogers

Having worked with Tracy for several years I know she truly understands the value of a well told story crafted with strong connections to product. Her vision and commitment to sound planning of campaigns are an enormous asset in a content marketing driven digital world. Share your plans with her and watch her cook up something new and fresh that stimulates growth.

Ciaran Rogers

Marketing Director & Podcast Producer – Target Internet Ltd

Working with Tracy was an absolute pleasure. I felt that she was very passionate about my business idea and extremely supportive which gave me great confidence and motivation. She set me the correct goals to help me move forward and collect the right information that I needed for setting up a new business. Tracy gave me many tips and taught me a lot and I will definitely use all of the advice she has given me as I move forward with my business. Hopefully we continue to keep in contact as I feel she has now become a friend rather than just a mentor. Thank you for all of your help Tracy, and for always being so kind and supportive.

Stephanie Chrysostomou

Tracy has been working with us on branding and communications across a number of projects. I find her style of working effective, dedicated and personable. Full of great ideas, she is easy to work with, a team player, and has a good backing team

Adrian Marlowe

Tracy’s passion and energy for marketing is inspiring. Her personal, friendly and hands-on approach makes her an ideal partner to work with SMEs, providing bespoke support and solutions.

Kim Read

Kim Read Consulting

kim read consulting

Working with Tracy and Wentworth Consultancy has been amazing. From start to finish I have been given around the clock support. Tracy has kept me on top of all work that needs to be done and the experience has not only taught me a lot but cemented how reliable she is. I now not only have a work colleague but also a friend in business. I could not recommend them enough.

Jordan Velinor

Director VM Visuals

Tracy is a great colleague and mentor, having worked with her over a number of years in the same team and in separate ones, we always maintained a great working relationship. Tracy is talented and has an infectious energy that keeps everyone motivated, she is full of ideas, both creative and practical. I have always found Tracy to be knowledgeable about many things, she loves researching and is very resourceful. I have no hesitation in recommending Tracy.

Paula Wright

HR Manager Vectis Ventures

vectis ventures


Tracy is an incredibly talented, energetic and motivational person to work with. She’s full of ideas and has provided me with some great advice. I’ve enjoyed working alongside Tracy, creating social media content to promote her consultancy, and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to anyone.

James Rayner

Marketer, Writer & Entrepreneur