‘Mentoring to me is about motivation, providing encouragement and boosting self-confidence. I use the key elements of positivity, listening, open conversation and respecting individualism as the foundation to my approach for supporting people with personal development and achieving goals’.
"Having Tracy as my mentor (through The Prince’s Trust) has helped to turn my business around. I started The Early Hour – an online culture and lifestyle magazine – in September and by January Tracy was onboard, giving me incredibly helpful branding advice."
Annie Ridout
The Early Hour
Mentors can provide a wealth of experience, tried and tested advice, as well as a network of useful contacts.

Mentees can gain from the experience by acquiring the confidence to strive for their aspirations as well as grow and develop as a person.

Tracy is an experienced mentor, supporting people both privately and through the Prince’s Trust. She’s skilled at identifying people’s strengths and encouraging them to pursue their ambitions.

“I believe being a mentor is all about sharing my experience, being an unbiased listener and providing positive encouragement. My role is to help give you insight, understanding and clarity about what it is you either want to do, need to do or should do. On a personal or business level “Having a mentor is one of the most valuable things you can do in your career.” Val DiFebo, CEO of Ad Agency Deutche New York.


Reliable, experience support

Encouraging talent and ideas

Building confidence

Improving performance

Providing motivation or inspiration

Encouraging personal development

Building networks and connections

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