Terms of Business

These terms of business apply to the provision of services by us to you, our client, (“you” and “your”) unless varied in writing and signed by a director of Wentworth Consultancy Ltd (“Wentworth”, “us”, “we”, “our” and “ours). Once we have provided you with these terms (whether electronically or otherwise), your request for any information, service or product from us will be deemed to be your acceptance of these terms, which are governed by English Law and shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the English Courts.

Wentworth Services

We offer a range of general business advice, marketing and support management services. Before we provide any service to you we will discuss and scope out the nature and extent of the service with an indication of time to be spent or the cost for a specific piece of work or project. Costing may be assessed on a phase by phase basis. Where phases are indicated we may ask for payment on account of each phase at the time it is to be commenced. In any case we may issue an invoice in advance of work to be done or time to be spent on the basis set out in our proposal to you.

Hourly Rate and charges

We work on hourly rates or charges for specific projects. Our current hourly rate of charge will be indicated within a proposal and we will notify you in advance of any change in the quoted rate. Our hourly rate may differ dependent upon the nature of the services we provide to you, but in the absence of notification of a different rate, the last rate applicable to or proposed for our services to you shall operate as the default rate.
You agree to be responsible for the charges we incur or quote to you in obtaining services or products from other sources and/or for our travel, subsistence and accommodation expenses should we be required to travel for the purposes of providing services to you. No expenses will be incurred without your prior consent, which may be provided by telephone, email or in any document. Once authorised, expenses are due when incurred.

Cancellations of Meetings

Once a booking for a meeting has been made we shall set aside the relevant time for you. It is important therefore that you advise us at the earliest opportunity if you wish to cancel. Cancellations or postponements of booked meetings will not result in any charge unless notice of cancellation is given by you later than 7 days before the reserved date. In that event as compensation we shall be entitled to charge a cancellation fee of no less than £250 and if notice is less than 2 days we shall be entitled to charge a cancellation fee of the higher of £350 or 50% of any quoted charge for the meeting.

Invoices and Payment

Invoices are payable within 14 days of delivery. For hourly charge time spent we normally issue invoices at the end of each month for work undertaken, whether or not completed within the month. However we may issue an invoice at any time, and at any stage we reserve the right to request payment in advance of work being done. We reserve the right to charge interest on late payment at the rate of 1% per month. There is no obligation upon us to provide services or products if a requested payment is not received and we may withhold any of our services in the event of late payment, without liability.

Limitation of liability

Liability for breach of contract or negligence by us shall be for direct loss only, limited to £100,000 in aggregate save where a limit is precluded by law. We accept no other liability save where exclusion is prohibited by law and to the extent required by law.


We respect all confidential information you provide to us and will not disclose it to any third party without your consent or as otherwise required by law, for example where we are ordered by a Court to disclose it.

Termination of work

We reserve the right to cease providing any services without liability if the nature, scope or content of any work changes in any material way from the work originally contracted or if you do not provide information or facilities we have reasonably requested or if any payment is not made in accordance with the provisions herein.
If we have agreed a retainer with you the minimum period of notice of termination by one party to another shall be 1 month during which the retainer shall continue. This provision is without prejudice to our entitlement to terminate a retainer immediately in the event of material breach of contract to include non-payment of any invoice.

Sole terms and amendment

These are the sole terms between you and us and supersede any previous terms issued by us; each portion of these terms, defined by punctuation and paragraphs, is separate, distinct and severable and to give meaning to the intention of the Parties the Court
may modify any portion that may otherwise be void; subject thereto, any void portion may be severed and the remaining provisions shall continue in force.

Client Care

Your feedback is very important to us, to ensure that we are providing the highest level of service. If you have any queries or comments about our services please contact Tracy Hastain on 07771900728 or at tracy@wentworthconsultancy.co.uk