What is mentoring and how did I get involved?

Posted 31/08/2016

Mentoring is so important in today’s ever changing world. For so many individuals or businesses making the right decisions can be a challenge. Tracy shares her experience of how mentoring helps you find the right direction and achieve your goals.

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Are you doing enough to build your brand and increase the value of your business?

Posted 11/11/2015

As Steve Forbes, Chairman and Editor-in-Chief of Forbes Media has said: ‘ Your brand is the single most important investment you can make in your business’. So if you’re serious about maximising future opportunities for your business and increasing its potential value, investing in your brand is essential.

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The Power of Brand

Posted 01/09/2015

Did you know that 75% of purchases are driven by emotions? Here are some tips on how you can harness the power of your brand and improve business.

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Is video important to your business?

Posted 31/07/2015

Video is having an enormous impact on the way we all communicate and absorb information. For business or pleasure how deep has it infiltrated our lives and should we embrace it?

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My tips on how to stay energised at your desk without piling on the calories…

Posted 20/07/2015

Long days in the office can be difficult to stay motivated and focused without over indulging so I’m sharing a few simple tips that I have found work for me…

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