Exciting new product from Equilibrium

Tracy Hastain

Tracy Hastain

It is always so exciting when one of our clients launches something new so when it happens we want to share it. So here from Equilibrium is their newest product to join their very innovative nutritional range.

Simplyirresistible is a healthy and delicious feed-topping that’s naturally tasty and extremely versatile.  It comes in two varieties; Virtuous Vegetables and Fabulous Fruits and is a blend of fruits and vegetables with added probiotics. It’s great for picky eaters, good doers or simply use everyday as a treat or reward. Bursting with goodness it’s designed to liven up mealtimes and support a healthy gut.

What makes them so good:

  • Can be sprinkled on top of hard feed, chaff or forage to add flavour and variety to dull everyday feeds
  • High in fibre and cereal free with no added sugar
  • Full of natural plant antioxidants
  • Added probiotic to support digestive health
  • With carrot, parsnip, pea, courgette and beetroot or apple, apricot, strawberry, date and sultana

Ideal for good doers on restricted diets; to tempt picky eaters to eat up; to feed with medication or supplements in a hard feed; for treating horses and ponies on box rest or standing in; adding to feed balls as an ideal size mix or simply feeding as a delicious treat from the hand.

Check out the video


This is a winner and we wish Equilibrium every success.

If you’re a horse lover do visit their site. It’s not just about products but offers educational and wellbeing advice on all equine issues and has a great news and events section, which follows all their professional sponsored riders.


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