It seems to me that marketing and marketers are at long last getting the recognition and status they deserve in terms of their integral importance to any successful business whether a SME or corporate company.

Suddenly everyone wants to talk about and extol the benefits of marketing and explain the changes that have taken place (some new some not) over the past few years. This has led to a better understanding of the role marketers’ play and how complex modern marketing is. Today skills and experience are required not just across creativity, innovation, and brand communications but need to be combined with psychology, emotional intelligence and data analysis. There is also the acknowledgement that great marketers have to be intuitive and instinctive, that it’s not all about the training and qualifications but having vision, digital agility and a natural empathy. Phew a lot of boxes to tick but encouraging that the value of marketers is now being acknowledged.


Having worked for a company that placed marketing at its core I understand the long term value it adds to a business. Marketing is the eyes, ears and voice of the customer and responsible for the customer experience, employee or consumer. It should work in collaboration with every department focusing on building relationships, understanding customer needs and above all exceeding expectations to establish brand trust and loyalty. The CMO of Microsoft recently said: ‘Undeniably, these are times of great change for marketing. The terms B2B and B2C feel archaic and it’s now widely recognised that it’s all about B2P – people are what counts.’


This approach works in developing strong cohesive business strategies and marketing campaigns that are collectively supported delivering improved customer engagement, brand value and sales. I hope the spotlight continues to shine on the importance of good marketing and marketers – not just for the benefit of my business but for all businesses who want to grow and flourish in a very competitive environment

Don’t just take my word for it, in an article ‘Marketers leaders of the future’ Sir Ian Cheshire – former CEO of Kingfisher said:
‘It’s vital that a strong marketing voice is heard around the top table, because otherwise the machine takes over. Really good marketing keeps the customer at the table alongside the rest of the board. When I have seen that work well it has been transformative.

In a world where the customer is constantly changing the question and the rate of change is increasing, organisations find that hard to cope with. If there isn’t a lead from the marketing team, most organisations prefer staying in the comfort zone and repeating what they have done, and they tend to find out that it is irrelevant when it is too late.’

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To read the full article from Sir Ian Cheshire or Microsoft CMO

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