Many businesses in the recession cut back on marketing in favour of supporting other departments, but now the economy has picked up, companies are realising that they must do all they can to increase their marketing and improve their position.


In this increasingly competitive market place businesses need to be ahead of their competition like never before. Recent studies have shown that SMEs and Entrepreneurs struggle to get to grips with their marketing and sales, three quarters of these businesses claim they had little or no knowledge of these departments when setting up. According to the Aviva survey, 26% of respondents agreed they struggled with marketing even when their businesses were established. A similar survey by Pitney Bowes suggests that SMEs are losing £122 billion annually in lost revenue by not keeping on top of their marketing.

A scary statistic, but we understand that it’s not intentional that marketing intends to slip by the wayside. Trying to juggle all aspects of a business at once, limited resource and the priority to focus on the core business are all major contributing factors. So why not let us help maximise your marketing and increase revenue potential. Give us a call or email and we can have a chat to see what we can do for you.

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