The UK’s biggest selling lifestyle magazine and it’s been around for 90 years – a British institution. So you can imagine how delighted I am to be in the October issue.

It is in fact a double delight because in it I’m talking about something that’s very close to my heart and completely committed to; supporting the Prince’s Trust in my role as a business mentor.


It was a fab experience and the Good Housekeeping team were wonderful to work with, just as one would expect so friendly and helpful. Every step from the initial emails to the photoshoot and final editing was slick, professional and enjoyable. I was interviewed over the phone by the lovely Natasha who had explained in detail what the process was and what to expect. Though questions were sent through we spent a lovely hour or so chatting it was all very friendly and easy.


I have been lucky enough to take part in photoshoots before and the treat is always having your hair and make-up done. On the day we had the wonderful Carl Stanley which I hope you agree did a fantastic job on all three of us he worked so hard, while regaling us with his easy banter and odd celebrity snippet (he’d worked with Margaret Thatcher in the past) he was very discreet of course. Carl is also author of ‘Kiss and make up’ – he just oozes creativity.

Laura was the picture editor and she was so organized. We were shooting on location in a wonderful house she had found in Putney – I always get house envy on these kind of shoots! She kept the whole thing running like clockwork which is no mean feat I can tell you. Mindful of all our needs and timings she was brilliant.

The talented Mr Nicky Johnston was our photographer, colourful, fun and quick – he made us all feel at ease and was incredibly professional. A big thank you to him for the fab photos and making me feel like a celebrity for a day.

Then there is the styling team and their aladdins cave full of clothes and accessories. This was all very tempting but it is quite a juggling act as they have to ensure you all look different and though you need to wear things that suit, you can’t all be in the same colours or type of outfit. Also all items worn are accredited to the fashion house which means every element we put on had to be noted. We were all shot wearing several different outfits to allow them plenty of choice when planning the final page layout.


So after spending a wonderful day I left with coiffed locks and glam look and headed down to Wiltshire to the Chalke Valley Literary Festival with some girlfriends – mmm well all I can say is the movie star looks ended there – driving rain, high winds, and more mud than Glastonbury greeted us in full force. What can I say but a great day and one of extremes that I won’t forget for a long time.

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