I truly realised for the first time yesterday the enormous impact video is having on the way we all communicate and absorb information, how deep it has infiltrated our lives whether personal or business.

It wasn’t just that I have been inundated with tweets, blogs and webinars with the facts and figures about the importance of video content, how to create video content, what the content should be about etc etc but by suddenly being aware of it becoming part of my daily life and the effect it was having. And a beneficial effect I should add.

How it happened for me:

There was my signing up to Amazon Instant video – brilliant I just pay for what I want to watch and then I can watch it when I want, anywhere anytime – no monthly subscription or having to wade through endless films/channels I don’t want. Then I found for researching – live conferences that can be watched at the time or downloaded for later consumption – brilliant. Then wham on Sunday while having family lunch I got into a serious discussion with my 13 year old niece about vloggers, her obsession with YouTube and how she makes her own videos. As she demonstrated and shared clips with me it was apparent, that to her this was all just second nature, proudly telling me she had been a YouTuber since the age of seven. But this wasn’t about just sitting and watching endless hours of TV, her knowledge was vast from the technicalities of setting up, filming and editing, to the detailed info she knew about each vlogger but what struck me the most was the influence this all had over what products and brands she aspired to and bought. I was so impressed that I asked her to come back and brainstorm with me ideas and help start the ball rolling for Wentworth TV.

What do we know:

To throw in some stats to show that not only is the power of vloggers affecting the way we shop and think but also our working practices. A study by Forbes and Google found that 75% of senior executives watch work-related videos on business-related websites at least weekly and that these videos drive action. In that same study, Forbes and Google also found that 65% of those executives after watching the video then visited the provider’s website. Add into the mix that mobile video is growing apparently by 55% according to Mary Meeker’s Internet Trends a rise of 10% in just three years – it sends a very strong message that video as part of a businesses’ content marketing is essential.

It reinforces for me that there is a marketing and communication revolution going on and that visualisation and P2P marketing is fundamental but being mindful that the quality, relevance and delivery are critical to ensure engagement. It is exciting times and I for one am going to embrace it and encourage companies and business leaders to join in this explosion of creative communication. Watch this space for Wentworth tv.

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