What is the story behind Wentworth Consultancy?

I launched Wentworth Consultancy in May 2013 having become jobless from the inevitable restructuring and after-shocks that follow a company buy-out. I have to say it was all a bit stressful so I was looking forward ‘to tell the truth’ on having some time off to consider what my next move should be. Though actually what happened was that some friends of mine running their own businesses started asking my advice and enquiring if I would be keen to give them some support. Well, I am very grateful to those wonderful people as they really set me on the path to starting Wentworth Consultancy. I suddenly realised there was a real need for people either in business or starting a business to have access to advice and information that they could truly trust – offered by someone who had been there at the coal face, so to speak. I suddenly discovered this was a way I could share my experience and knowledge to help others in a way I would want to be helped myself.

I set about working with people I knew and trusted who were experts in their fields to help me. It didn’t all happen overnight as most of my time was busy consulting but like all businesses it evolved and continues to evolve. Like for anyone setting up and running their own business it has been a learning curve and there have been highs and lows but doing what I do and meeting the most amazing people overrides everything and makes it all worth it.

I recently rebranded the consultancy as I felt it needed to reflect more about who I am, my dedication in supporting others and my philosophy on positivity and ‘not one size fits all’. I understand the process, the feelings, and challenges that any entrepreneur faces – albeit in the early days or years in – businesses evolve, that is what they should do, they grow, and new ideas come along. That’s why I’m passionate about the advice I give, how I deliver it and the experience and outcome for my clients.

I really can’t believe Wentworth Consultancy recently reached its 8th anniversary – and yes, I cannot deny the last year has been its toughest so far, but I am positive about the future. We now have our media platform ‘With Tracy’, podcasts and videos where I chat to some amazing business owners as they share insights about their personal entrepreneurial journeys – I absolutely love recording these and very excited about the new series we have launch onto YouTube.

I would like to finish by saying a big thank you to all those who have supported me and Wentworth Consultancy over the past 8 years – no business or person can do it solely on their own and just as I support businesses, so I have turned to others for their advice and help.

As a glass half full person I’m already looking forward to our 10-year celebrations.


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