The Power of Mentoring

Mentoring is something we hear about, read about or maybe practice but it is, in my estimation, still an under-utilised and under-estimated tool.

The Power of Brand

The Power of Brand

For me being mentored and becoming a mentor was something that happened organically.

Are you doing enough to build your brand and increase the value of your business?

Building your brand increases business value. Fact. Google, Apple, Airbnb, Nike, Orange, Amazon and many more successful brands are out there to prove it. Investing and embracing in their brands have added millions to the value of their businesses just check out the statistics from one of the leading brand consultancies. They believe your brand is […]

Investing in marketing is key to a successful business

It seems to me that marketing and marketers are at long last getting the recognition and status they deserve in terms of their integral importance to any successful business whether a SME or corporate company. Suddenly everyone wants to talk about and extol the benefits of marketing and explain the changes that have taken place […]